The people in my life contribute a richness of experience and perspective for which I’m forever grateful.

Inside Risk

What would you do if you discovered that an employee was being held hostage by kidnappers? This incredible leadership training program recreated a real case with just that circumstance.

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Ed Bennett

Ed was the founding CEO of VH-1, had been the CEO of music-oriented online service Prodigy for 5 years, and played many other roles instrumental in creating our digital world. He was also kind enough to host the TEDxFultonStreet Salon 2016, for which I’m very grateful!

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Peter Sprague and Mary Howard

I’ve known Peter from the TED Conference, nearly 20 years ago, when we met by discussing ways our companies could use stock options to supplement teachers’ incomes in our communities.

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Rick Smolan, Author and Photographer

One of the first people I met at my very first TED Conference was Rick Smolan -a former TIME, LIFE and National Geographic photographer best known as the co-creator of the “Day in the Life” book series, and CEO of Against All Odds Productions. His new book, “Inside Tracks” is a groundbreaking multimedia experience, using augmented-reality to assist in the telling of an incredible... read more

George Kohlrieser, Hostage Negotiator

It’s incredible how much there is for business leaders to learn from hostage negotiators! I consider myself privileged for having the opportunity to experience George’s wisdom first-hand, and I whole-heartedly recommend both his books: Hostage at the Table and Care to Dare. He’s also expected to appear at TEDxFultonStreet in June of... read more

Chongtul Rinpoche of Bon Shen Ling

Speaking with this Tibetan Lama about lucid dreaming was a rare and memorable opportunity… I can’t imagine I’ll ever think of sleep in the same way again. It never occurred to me that certain cultures might consider dreams “the important part”, and consider [what European cultures call] “reality” to be the... read more

If You’re a Founder, then You’re a Hero!

What do pumpkins, toilet paper, and lemonade have in common? They all relate to heroes of entrepreneurship. After a few near-misses, I finally had an opportunity to meet up with Mike Michalowicz in person. We talked about his books, “The Pumpkin Plan” and “Toilet Paper Entrepreneur,” as well as my upcoming release “Lemonade Heroes: How Entrepreneurs turn Setbacks into... read more

Daria Siegel at Launch-LM Party

Big congratulations to the whole team that created, helping Lower Manhattan to connect with great resources! I love being part of a city that supports its business owners — even the small ones…... read more

Renee Blodgett at TEDxUNPlaza

Forbes ranked her #12 most influential on social media (original article), but I just know her from hanging out a zillion times at the original TED Conferences, back when they were held in Monterey. It was great to visit again with my old friend, Renee Blodgett, during her visit to NYC for TEDxUNPlaza, another brilliant... read more