Organizing events is one of my favorite ways to help people connect.

TEDxFultonStreet 2015 Interviews

In preparation for the 2015 conference, we interviewed a few of our very unusual speakers. They were: the world's most successful sunken treasure hunter, a major international drug smuggler, a beekeeper, a steampunk designer, and an african-american fashion model with...

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Allianz 125th Anniversary

To celebrate its 125th anniversary, one of the world's largest financial services groups wanted to produce a "TED-like conference." I was hired to produce the on-stage speakers for this half-day event at Carnegie Hall.

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TED 2015

TEDxFultonStreet secured a license to livestream the main TED Conference from Vancouver to a small audience - we used the opportunity to provide a fun day for some of our volunteers!

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