CTO Services

I’m a small-cap tech specialist:

1. I help dev teams to get unstuck.

2. I minimize risk exposure for investors.

3. I bring experience to hard decisions.



Technical Due Diligence

What are the relative risks of technical debt, across the architecture of a potential investment?

When I study a company’s tech stack, it’s a detailed examination across many potential areas of weakness.

TDD focal points include:
  • Testing
  • Security
  • Dependencies
  • Accessibility
  • Documentation
  • Cloud Readiness
  • Fault Isolation
  • Scale/Availabilty
  • Process Management
  • Monitoring/Logging
  • Privacy/Compliance
  • Code/Comment Quality
  • Organizational Knowledge
  • Disaster Recovery

Implementation Trouble

In early stages, startups make decisions based on limited information… sometimes this leads to a product architecture in which the developers spend all their time repairing defects rather than implementing new features or standing up new clients.

Have no fear, I have seen this many, many times and I can help your business to get where it needs to be.

I can help with:
  • Technology Platform Decisions
  • Multi-Tenant SaaS Deployments
  • API/Mobile Architecture
  • When to Build vs. Buy
  • Refactor vs. Rewrite
  • Onshore vs. Offshore Workforce
  • Attractiveness to Investors
  • Co-Founder Deal Structure
  • Employee Morale & Compensation
  • Team Workflow Management

Navigating Organizational Change

Startups often improvise on their first hires, due to limited funds or founder inexperience. After growing past the early days, sometimes hitting a stride requires adjusting titles and responsibilities.

Maybe the initial team was built from friends willing to work for equity. Or perhaps an offshore team has become difficult to manage. There comes a time when co-founder contributions drift to be unequal.

There are ways to conduct the “hard conversations” necessary for re-arranging an org chart. Presented in the right light, and with fair compensation and upside, I can bring everyone’s needs into alignment.

I have studied deal structure at Harvard and with an international hostage negotiator in Switzerland. In my experience, there’s always the opportunity for a win-win path to increasing happiness.


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