I love places and events relating to Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Philanthropy.


TechCrunch Disrupt 2015

This iconic conference showcases the latest whizzy gadgets and concepts from aspiring startups in search of greater funding. I love attending, because it gives a real sense of the pulse of the startup... read more

High Performance Leadership

I took a week-long course in executive development, run by professional hostage negotiator George Kohlrieser. Held in São Paulo, Brazil, this course is one of the certificate programs offered by the IMD Business School, based in Lausanne, Switzerland. read more

Aaron’s Photography at Gallery in Chelsea

I don’t normally exhibit my photography, but I had an image of the Soldiers’ and Sailors Monument that I wanted to share… When this gallery invited me to show it in their 9/11 Memorial showing, I thought it was a perfect fit for my photo, “In Memoriam”. At the same time, I had recently sold an abstract photo of a tiled mannequin in false-color, posed as if straining to see (“Mirror Figure”). So both pieces made it into the show, and they are now both in the homes of buyers. A happy ending for any artist!... read more


At TED2014, one of the speakers couldn’t fly to Vancouver because he has a felony criminal record… so they hosted him via livestream from the TED Conferences main office. I was fortunate to be in the small group of community members who were invited to... read more

TED 2014

In 2014 I secured a license to privately screen a simulcast of the TED Conference from Vancouver, in my home. Here are a few highlights: read more

Starlight Children’s Foundation Gala Fundraiser

This year, Janet and I were proud to support a charity we hadn’t heard of before… giving toys to sick children who have extended hospital stays, the Starlight Children’s Foundation melted our hearts. We gladly contributed to their mission, and while it’s sad that they’re needed, it’s also true that they’re needed — so we’d like to encourage our friends and family to give a little to their worthy cause this year. Won’t you consider helping to bring some cheer to the life of someone young who really needs it? Kenneth Kaplan of Blackstone, introducing honoree Frank Cohen Frank Cohen, honoree Todd Henderson,... read more

Nolcha Fashion Week

After making a connection through one of my partners in TEDxFultonStreet, we were invited to one of the runway shows at the industry-only Nolcha Fashion Week in NYC. Fun, my first time at an actual... read more

#HealthyOceans conference at United Nations

In the EcoSocChamber (Economic and Social Council) of the United Nations, I was fortunate enough to participate in an important meeting about how to maintain the overall health of our world’s oceans. Keynotes included President Tommy Remengesau of Palau and talk show host Montel Williams (discussing a startup he’s promoting, which collects plastic waste from the ocean and converts it into fuel for... read more

TED@NYC 2013

Each year, the TED Conference hosts a small invite-only event in NYC, for members of the community to vote on a short list of presenters who might get invited to speak on the main stage for that year’s conference. I was proud to attend in... read more

TED Conference: “City 2.0”

TED hosted an unusual event in New York City, relating to urban planning.  It was only open to members of the TED Community, so I was thrilled to attend.  Couldn’t resist getting someone to snap a pic of me on the stage after the event, with the big... read more

Lemonade Heroes and Shark Tank

Well, my TV Series, “Lemonade Heroes” is still in development… and while we aspire to be as successful as ABC’s “Shark Tank”, we’re still struggling to finalize our network negotiations and secure a production contract.  (Not to mention the even larger challenges, of airing and becoming a hit!) In the meantime, I’m taking a break to enjoy this lemonade... read more

Painting of Aaron Sylvan by Franco Mondini-Ruiz

Creative Capital is an organization I support, which each provides dozens of artists with grants and entrepreneurial guidance.  At a benefit event, 2001 grantee Franco Mondini-Ruiz was painting portraits of attendees, so I was delighted to commission this original work!  (Also flattered he entitled it “Man with a Brilliant Background”, which was not at all my... read more