I’m frequently asked to speak about entrepreneurship, best-practices for startups, business plans, and raising investment capital.


NFTE Semi-Finals

The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) invited me to serve as a judge and panelist at this event, where youths from around the city competed in a business plan pitch contest.  It was a pleasure and an honor to see the aspiring bright stars of tomorrow, and to help guide them on their... read more

“Sharkette Tank” Panelist at OwnIt Ventures

Melissa Gasnick-Cloeter invited me to be a panelist for the “Sharkette Tank” at her annual “OwnIt Ventures” conference for women entrepreneurs. I was joined by Alicia Syrett [Pantegrion Capital] and Elizabeth Sigety [Fox Rothchild], and together we shared insights to the mind of investors, for an auditorium of hundreds of... read more

Bennington College Senior Conference

Bennington College in Vermont invited me to speak to students in its graduating class, advising them about the world of entrepreneurship, what it means to be a business owner, what challenges they can expect to face, and other important questions. It was a joy to return to my alma mater, twenty years after graduation, and help these people who are like “younger versions of myself” by giving them the guidance I wish I could have received. I hope my words were true, and my lessons learned can benefit the lives of... read more

Speaking at the United Nations

It was a privilege and an honor to be invited by Amir Dossal, Director of the Global Partnerships Forum, to speak at the United Nations alongside distinguished guests Chukwuma Menakaya, Michael Skolnick, Andrew Magnino, Rebecca Kantar, Dr. John Forrer, Ashok Regmi, and Sergio A. Fernández de Córdova. We addressed the Youth Assembly on the subject of Entrepreneurship, working to inform and inspire hundreds of university-age students from dozens of... read more